Create Admin User

After a fresh installation of HyperTest on your K8s cluster and on trying to open HyperTest's Central Dashboard, you will be asked to log in.

Right now you don't have any User Registered, you will need to create an Admin User which could provide access to other Users.

On the Login page, there's a "Create Admin User" button on the top right corner of the page, you need to click on that and you will be directed to a page where you can register your Admin User.​

Create Admin Page:

To Register an Admin User you will need to provide a Secret Key.

For getting the Secret Key you need to have access to your K8s Cluster because this Key is stored inside a config-map with the name "hypertest-admin-config-map" inside "hypertest-ns" namespace.

Run this kubectl command:

kubectl -n hypertest-ns get configmap hypertest-admin-config-map -o yaml

If you don't find a config map with this name that means the Secret Key has been already used to create an Admin User, you can ask the existing Admin to provide you access to the dashboard or you can override the existing Admin User by creating a config map with the name "hypertest-admin-config-map" inside "hypertest-ns" with the data key "HT_ADMIN_SECRET_KEY" and provide some random value as Secret Key.Now you can register your new Admin user and the existing user will be deleted.

The value of "HT_ADMIN_SECRET_KEY" is your Secret Key.

Provide the Email Id of the New Admin User and Paste the Secret Key.

Now after clicking on the "SUBMIT" button your admin user will be registered and you will be redirected to the Login Page.

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