Import test cases from Postman

How to create a HyperTest session using postman collections?


Before you get started with importing postman data, you should be familiar with the following concepts:

  1. Session - A set of requests fired in a particular order.

  2. Session Differentiators - A value that categorizes a request into a session. This value is typically derived from specific headers, IP of the request. Learn more abut it here.

  3. Postman - An API platform for developers to design, build, test, dcocument their APIs.

  4. Request - An HTTP request consists of An HTTP method, a verb (like GET , PUT or POST ) that describes the action to be performed.

  5. Postman Collection - Popular way of grouping requests for readable documentations.

  6. Postman Folder - Organizes requests within a collection. Learn more about it here.

How to get started?

First thing you need is HyperTest installed. Learn about HyperTest here

Get up and running

  • Quick Setup - Install, deploy and mirror traffic to HyperTest.

Working with HyperTest

  • Dashboard - HyperTest has an easy to use interface.

Transform your postman data to Session

HyperTest organizes requests having the same request header 'x-ht-session-id' into the same session.

Import Postman Request

  1. Please make sure that mirroring is setup for your application. \

  2. Create a new session by providing x-ht-session-id in header of the Postman request.\

  3. Click on send. ****

  4. View your session in the HyperTest dashboard \

Import Postman Collection/Folder

  1. Please make sure that mirroring is setup for your application. \

  2. Navigate to pre-requests section of the folder/collection. \

  3. Set pre-requests. pm.request.headers.upsert({key:'x-ht-session-id',value:'<session-id>'}) \ For a collection\

    For a folder\

  4. In the same window, click on Run button.\

  5. Ensure the run order, environment. \

  6. Click on run. This will take you to run results window.\

  7. View the session in HyperTest dashboard. \


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