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This section contains all the test cases in HyperTest.

There are a number of filters and options that can be used to search through available test cases and use them in future tests.

Test Cases: Additional options

You can click on a particular test case to perform specific tasks, listed below:

EDIT: provides with the option to add description to a test case as well as enable the test case to be run at specific events.

Delete: deletes a test case.

Add to Custom list: adds a test case to a custom list that enables a user to create a test using chosen test cases.

Add new tag: adds a "tag" to make the test case searchable. Tags have a tag "name" and a tag "value".


HyperTest provides a number of filters to search through the list of test cases. Following are the filters provided:

FILTER BY INTERACTIONS: Allows searching for test cases that have a particular request

Type: Allows filtering by tags, test cases can be tagged for better organization.

Test Case Types: Filter test cases on basis of type i.e. SAVED, AUTO-GENERATED, ACTIVE, INACTIVE.

Play in Smoke Test: List test cases that are to be played in smoke test.

Play before all Tests: List test cases that are to be played before all tests.

TEST CASE IDS: List all test cases in the tests with the given ids.

IP ADDRESS: List all test cases that have the given IP address.

SESSION DIFFERENTIATOR VAL: List all test cases with the given session differentiator value.

View Interactions

Opens the interactions view, containing all the requests from that test case.

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