Notifications are messages delivered whenever some events happen within HyperTest. The Notifications section can be opened from the dashboard.

Types of Notification

There are four types of notifications, depending upon the type of event:

  • TEST_STARTED: Fired whenever a new test starts.

  • TEST_COMPLETED Fired whenever a test is completed.

  • NO_TRAFFIC_RECENTLY Fires a notification if HyperTest does not receive any traffic for an amount of time (hours) that is equal to NO_RECENT_TRAFFIC_THRESHOLD_HOURS as specified in the config. On receiving of such a notification, it is advisable to confirm if the traffic mirroring works as intended in the installation instructions

  • WEEKLY_REPORT Sends out weekly report on the day specified in the WEEKLY_REPORTS_DAY parameter in the config. The weekly report contains the cumulative result of the tests that it performed since the last day of weekly report.

Enabling Notifications

The notification dialog contains 3 fields:

  1. Description: Explains when the notification is sent

  2. E-Mails: List of recipient mails

  3. Webhook URL: A single url that acts as a webhook, receives the same notification message as email

It is not mandatory to provide both an email list and a webhook url

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