Kubernetes Cluster

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. It takes care of scaling and failover for your application, provides deployment patterns, and more.

What is Kubernetes Cluster?

A Kubernetes cluster is a set of nodes that run containerized applications. Kubernetes clusters allow containers to run across multiple machines and environments: virtual, physical, cloud-based, and on-premises.

Kubernetes clusters can be created by self or by a cloud service provider such as AWS, GCP, Azure etc. HyperTest can be deployed on both types of kubernetes clusters.

Please follow the below guides to setup cluster and install HyperTest on Kubernetes cluster of your choice

After you are ready with your cluster with all the pre-requirements, nginx and storage classes, lets install HyperTest

pageHyperTest Installation

After setting up your cluster and installing HyperTest, please follow below guides to mirror traffic to HyperTest

pageMirror TrafficpageConfigure HyperTest

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