HyperTest Overview

HyperTest is a no-code test automation tool that regresses all your APIs. It auto-generates end to end integration tests using your application's network traffic i.e. real user-activity.

Hence, eliminates the need to write or maintain any test suite for your backend or APIs.

HyperTest specialises in catching backward incompatible changes like data errors, contract failures or fatal crashes (response code errors) without asking teams to write, maintain or update any test scripts or test data.

Also reports API performance issues i.e. slowness in APIs due to change in latency and bandwidth

Kind of API failures HyperTest catches

  1. Fatal Crashes

    • Response code errors like 400s, 500s

  2. Contract failures

  3. Data Errors

  4. Slowness in APIs

    • Increase in latency

    • Increase in Bandwidth

See the entire list here

  • Discover and document all APIs

  • Catch Backward Incompatible API changes

  • Run Integration tests inside Github

  • Reproduce Failures inside Real User-Journey

  • Quantify Testing With Coverage

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