Mirror Traffic

After deploying the two versions of your application, the final step to complete the setup is to mirror traffic to HyperTest.

Why we need this?

HyperTest is record and replay tool. We capture the traffic coming to your test application version and store it, just the requests, headers and body. We are not capturing the response here.

Then we will replay this traffic to both versions of your application when a test is started. Get the response from both versions, compare and analyse the results and report the changes to you.

Hence, we will need the traffic coming to your applicaton to understand your api's, your payloads, your flows etc and later replay this traffic to test your application and do our thing.

How we do this?

So mirroring traffic is pretty straightforward. We have multiple guides available to mirror traffic using different ways.

Now you might be wondering, which one you have to follow. Well, that depends on how you deploy your application. Below are some pointers which can help you with it.

  • If you are deploying your application in K8s clusters, you can mirror traffic using Kubernetes where goreplay will be running as a sidecar container

  • If you deploying your application on Amazon ECS, refer our Amazon ECS guide. It deploys goreplay as sidecar container in ECS

  • If you deploy your application on just docker, refer our Docker guide

  • If your application are behind an nginx server, refer our Nginx guide

  • If your application are running directly on a VM, refer our Goreplay guide

  • If you are using Apache, refer Apache guide

  • If you are using IIS to host your application, refer our IIS guide

  • If you are using Istio, refer the Istio guide

  • If you are using Kong Gateway, refer the Kong guide

  • Just some more guides

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