Architecture without HyperTest

General Architecture of Test Environment Setup:

Reverse Proxy/Load Balancer/Ingress in front of your application which will receive the traffic and forward to the services. The services might be returning the response right away, or query the database or send that request to other service and get the response and return some response.

Architecture with HyperTest

For HyperTest, we will setup a new VM/Cluster in your test environment. HyperTest is not deployed in your production environment.

Then we will deploy HyperTest in the test environment.

The incoming traffic along with going to your test application, will also be mirrored to HyperTest VM/Cluster. We will be doing changes in Docker file for forwarding the traffic to HyperTest.

We will deploy two versions of your application. One will be stable/production image, other will be test image which will have new changes, both should be connected to the same database so responses is generated from same data.

How HyperTest Works

We will store the incoming traffic, not the response. Then whenever you deploy a new test service, we will send the traffic to two versions of your services and compare the response from the stable/production service and test service. We will then analyse the responses and generate bug report based on the differences in the response.

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