How does it work?

HyperTest focuses on integration tests. These tests regress entire backend and APIs, run really fast and end up catching 80% of all functional and logical errors in an application, pre-release.

Tests are auto-generated by asynchronously logging incoming traffic from your ingress controller i.e. reverse proxy, load balancer or API gateway. Only request parameters (headers & body) are logged, not API responses. This helps HyperTest discover all user-flows. Traffic is then segregated into user-journeys using session differentiators where each journey represents a unique application flow. When a new PR is available, these test cases are run on 2 versions of the application viz test and stable.

The entire test execution is automated using CI, taking less than a few mins to generate results.

Why HyperTest?

  1. Makes it impossible for devs to introduce an error without it being first reported by us.

  2. True 'shift-left' testing that reports logical failures at the time of development.

  3. Zero maintenance, all test cases generated and updated automatically.

  4. Reproduces bugs inside unique user journeys making debugging super-easy.

  5. Integrates with the your CI/CD pipeline, checks API correctness inside Github

Install HyperTest

Please follow below guide to quick start installation of HyperTest


What's Next?

After you have installed HyperTest, configure HyperTest and start your first test using the below guides

Or to get to know our dashboard better, refer this dashboard tour guide

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