The dashboard which is the default home of HyperTest gives you a bird's eye view of important statistics of your service like

  • API coverage: Total number of APIs under test in a single test or in a single day compared to the total number of APIs discovered by HyperTest through the network traffic.

  • Error Logs: Total open issues across all current and past test runs that need attention

  • Error Histogram: Total count of errors by severity detected in past few test runs

  • Troubleshooting: Checks if current HyperTest set-up is integrated with CI, and if the traffic monitoring is active with other general information

Test Results

Test Results are, as the name suggests results of all the tests that have been run. Clicking on one of the result lists some very useful information about each test run that includes;

  • Regressions: Total breaking API changes detected in the test run

  • Total covered APIs: Total count of APIs that were tested in the test run

  • Affected APIs: Total count of APIs that failed with a breaking change

  • Coverage: Total API and Flow coverage

  • Incident breakup: Total number of incidents like data errors, contract failures or fatal crashes detected in the test

All Sessions

List of ALL the Sessions that exist in the database. A Session (or a Test Case) is simply a user's journey i.e. the path that a user takes to reach a particular goal in their application.

Therefore, a session would be a list of requests fired by the application due to actions performed on it. HyperTest groups these requests on basis of a user-defined property in the requests themselves. By default, the requests would be differentiated on the basis of the IP addresses (or session cookies) they originate from.


Opens the middlewares section, allowing users to add middlewares.

Middlewares are user-defined functions provided to HyperTest that perform some tasks that are not the default behaviour. Find more about middlewares here.


Opens the configuration section. If the configuration of HyperTest is in any way incorrect or missing, you will be redirected here.

Pre Applied Rules

Allows addition of pre-applied rules; rules that can be applied prior to running a test.


The Notifications section allows you to manage notifications for certain events in HyperTest, such as the start and end of a test.

It is possible to stop ALL running tests by clicking on the ⊘ icon near the top right corner of the dashboard

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