Regression Report

The Regression report is a generated report for a particular test analysis.

The regression report sections contain 3 main parts:

  1. Changes Detected

  2. Affected APIs

  3. Incidents

Changes Detected

The changes detected are errors intelligently picked by HyperTest itself in such a way that the user can consume the Build report in the most efficient way. It is a list that can contain items from both API changes, or the difference types.

It is recommended to go through the changes detected list before checking out the other 2 lists

Affected APIs

This is the API path on which a difference is noted.


Incidents are the actual differences in response that are observed by HyperTest.

  • CONTENT_TYPE_CHANGED: Change in the content type of response.

  • STATUS_CODE_CHANGED: Change in the status code of the response.

  • HEADER_REMOVED: 'Header Removed',

  • HEADER_ADDED: Addition of header in the response.

  • HEADER_MODIFIED: Modification of header in the response.

  • KEY_REMOVED: Removal of a key-value pair in the response.

  • KEY_ADDED: Addition of a key-value pair in the response.

  • VALUE_MODIFIED: Modification of the value of a key in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED: Change in the order of elements in the array in a response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_KEY_REMOVED: Removal of an element in an array in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_KEY_ADDED: Addition of element in an array in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_VALUE_MODIFIED: Modification of an element in an array in the response.

API affected and Incidents are not 2 different methods to categorise changes i.e. there can be a many-to-many relationship between the members of the 2 categories. This is done primarily to make faster inferences

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