Add New Service

Add a new service for HyperTest

  • Go to central dashboard

  • Navigate to Services from left panel

Add Service in HyperTest

  1. Click on Add Service

  2. Add service name

    • Follow this naming convention: ht-<company_name>-<service_name>

    • Name should not be longer than 25 characters

  3. Enter Description

  4. Enter HyperTest Version (you can see it on botton left panel)

  5. Add Service

  • Click on View Service in Actions Column to go to service dashboard

  • The url for service dashboard will be http://<svc_name>.hypertest.<base_dns>

Configure Service

Please refer the below guide to know how to configure HyperTest service

pageConfigure HyperTest
  • SERVICE_NAME: The name of your service

  • PRIMARY_URL: The url for stable version of your test application

  • CANDIDATE_URL The url for test version of your test application

  • HEALTH_CHECK: The endpoint of the health check in your application. If you do not have one, you can specify any endpoint that exists

  • VALID_HEALTH_STATUS_CODES: The response code that is sent by the application on making a request at the "HEALTH_CHECK" endpoint

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