Cost Optimization

Cost optimization is a continous process and should be refined and improved over time. Various measures can be implemented which can help in optimizing spent and ensuring minimal resource wastage. We have already followed the best practices to ensure the above while setting up the cluster for you, but you can further reduce your expenditure by following the below practices

Measures we have taken

We have already taken below measures to optimize our setup while installation so that it costs you bare minimum to run HyperTest.

  • Creating the cluster in single AZ

  • Selecting right EC2 instance type for node-groups in clusters

  • Spot instances for HyperTest worker nodes, which is available for less than the On-Demand price

  • GP3 volume type for AWS EBS, which is 20% cheaper and faster than GP2

Suggestions for you

There are further steps you can take to optimize the cost of your cloud environment setup for HyperTest

  • Down Scaling: Worker nodes can be down scaled to 0 outside of business hours

  • Using existing Application Load Balancer: We provide support for using existing application load balancer if you have any. It will save up to 20-25$/ month. Please refer this guide for the same.

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