Understand Your Test Run Analysis

To view analysis of any test run, click on test run, you would be able to see the consolidated analysis for the run on the right side

  • Download Reports: Download reports

  • View Sessions: The sessions tested in the test run

  • API Coverage: View the API coverage in the test run

  • Regressions

  • Affected API's

  • Covered API's

  • Covered Flows

  • Incident Breakup: the actual differences in API's response with their occurrence count

  1. Test Id, for reference purposes.

  2. Primary Base Url

  3. Candidate Base Url

  4. Range of traffic covered by this test

  5. API coverage for the test

  6. Percentage of test cases that passed

  7. Delete the test

  8. View the test cases

Detailed reports

View your regression report

This report will show the results from API changes, response changes, difference types captured by HyperTest. You can mark the errors as bugs from here and add them to bug tracker

Performance Report

View your API performance report

This report has multiple API Metrics such as bandwidth, latency etc etc. You can choose the metrics from API Metrics drop down to view performance of your API's

Choose any particular API by search filter API box

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