CI Integration
Hypertest CLI can also be used to start a test from your CI plugin.
Simply load the CLI Note: you should add this as a cacheable step in your CI tool

wget -O ht-cli.tar.xz
tar xvf ht-cli.tar.xz

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HT_BASE_URL is the location of your Hypertest dashboard. You can also export HT_BASE_URL directly in the command as well. Example: HT_BASE_URL= ./hypertest can-run-test

Although we automatically pick up these parameters but if they didn't get pick then you can set them using below params
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    env.CI, this should be always true

HT_BASE_URL= ./hypertest can-run-test
./hypertest can-run-test --help

HT_BASE_URL= ./hypertest start-new-test
./hypertest start-new-test --help

# last test id picked up by default
HT_BASE_URL= ./hypertest get-test-progress -wait-for-result
./hypertest get-test-progress --help

# last test id picked up by default
HT_BASE_URL= ./hypertest get-signoff-status --wait-for-signoff
./hypertest get-signoff-status --help

Access the help options for all commands by using -h or --help options
./hypertest --help
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5. Wait for results (waits for test to be over)
6. Wait for qa signoff (waits until results are accepted/rejected)
Other CLI options