# Interactions

# Introduction

The interactions view provides information about all the requests that belong to a particular test analysis. This is the place where Hypertest shows the difference between the responses that are received from the PRIMARY and CANDIDATE version.


The interactions page has 2 sections:

  1. Interactions info: This is just the information of the selected request. Contains 3 sections:

    • headers
    • query
    • body
  2. Responses: Contains responses from both versions of the application under test. It is in this section where we actually see the difference in the response.

There are a number of formats in which both the responses are shown:

  • JSON (The default format, used if all the other formats are unselected.)
  • Plain Text
  • Only Differences
  • View as HTML


Use the show advanced button to see the color associated with the type of error.

# Response specific functionalities

Interactions also provide some other useful functionalities:

# Retest

Re-runs the selected request instantly.

# Copy as CURL

Copies the chosen request in cURL format to the clipboard.