Logs: Unable to connect to the server: getting credentials: decoding stdout: no kind "ExecCredential" is registered for version "" in scheme "pkg/client/auth/exec/exec.go:62"
Solution: Update AWS cli to latest version

Hypertest does not have any traffic on which it can run test.
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    Verify that hypertest is actually capturing traffic
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    The main reason for this error is that there would be no request in Hypertest's database, so if the traffic is being captured, make a request at the logger port and check the LAST MIRRORED REQUEST INFO on the dashboard.

Clicking on the prohibit sign ⊘ near the top right corner of the screen will terminate ALL the running tests.

Ensure that primary and secondary base urls are as specified and that mirroring is set up correctly.

The health check for the target application failed, ensure that your application is up, and the health check endpoint, and the status defined the configuration matches with that your application has.

OAS doc path is not set. Set it in the configuration

Refresh the dashboard after 5 minutes, if it does not appear you may need to manually restart hypertest or contact Hypertest.

It is possible that the docker daemon is down. One method is to run docker run hello-world from the command line. To get a detailed log of the docker service, use journalctl -u docker.

A background service necessary for carrying out maintenance related tasks is not running. It can be restarted via ./hypertest bg-start. However, to ensure that everything is working as intended it is advisable to restart hypertest itself, which will start all its services.

It is required to restart Hypertest everytime the host machine is restarted. Hypertest can be restarted in following ways:

Available at /maintenance/, the UI provides an option to restart Hypertest, along with a few other options. Should this endpoint still be unavailable, Hypertest can also be restarted via the command line.

A restart can be initiated by executing the following command in Hypertest's root directory via ./hypertest restart.
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