# Build Report

The build report is a generated report for a particular test analysis.


The build report sections contains 3 main parts:

  1. Best Explained Errors
  2. API Differences
  3. Difference Types

# Best Explained Errors

The best explained errors are changes intelligently picked by Hypertest itself in such a way that the user can consume the Build report in the most efficient way. It is a list that can contain items from both API changes, or the difference types.


It is recommended to go through the best explained errors before checking out the other 2 lists.

Best Explained

  1. Ignored List
  2. Issues list
  3. Errors of the type with the highest number of instances.
  4. The interactions for this error in detail.

# API Differences

This is the API path on which a difference is noted.

API changes

  1. Adds to ignored list
  2. Add to the issues list.
  3. Amount of percentages of user sessions that have this change.
  4. Show the difference types observed on this API path
  5. Show the interactions in detail.
  6. Custom list; contains the test cases that are favorite.
  7. Ignored list, contains the changes ignored
  8. Issues list, shareable.

# Difference Types

Difference types

  1. Adds to ignore list
  2. Adds to the issues list
  3. Show all APIs where the change in difference type has been observed.
  4. Show the values that have been changed.
  5. Show all associated interactions in detail.

Difference Types are the actual differences in response that are observed by Hypertest.

  • CONTENT_TYPE_CHANGED: Change in the content type of response.

  • STATUS_CODE_CHANGED: Change in the status code of the response.

  • HEADER_REMOVED: 'Header Removed',

  • HEADER_ADDED: Addition of header in the response.

  • HEADER_MODIFIED: Modification of header in the response.

  • KEY_REMOVED: Removal of a key-value pair in the response.

  • KEY_ADDED: Addition of a key-value pair in the response.

  • VALUE_MODIFIED: Modification of the value of a key in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED: Change in the order of elements in the array in a response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_KEY_REMOVED: Removal of an element in an array in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_KEY_ADDED: Addition of element in an array in the response.

  • ARRAY_ORDER_CHANGED_VALUE_MODIFIED: Modification of an element in an array in the response.


API differences and Difference types are not 2 different methods to categorize changes i.e. there can be a many-to-many relationship between the members of the 2 categories. This is done primarily to make faster inferences.