# Notifications

Notifications are messages delivered whenever some events happen within Hypertest. The Notifications section can be opened from the dashboard.

# Types of Notification

There are four types of notifications, depending upon the type of event:

  • TEST_STARTED: Fired whenever a new test starts.
  • TEST_COMPLETED Fired whenever a test is completed.
  • NO_TRAFFIC_RECENTLY Fires a notification if Hypertest does not receive any traffic for an amount of time (hours) that is equal to NO_RECENT_TRAFFIC_THRESHOLD_HOURS as specified in the config. On receiving of such a notification, it is advisable to confirm if the traffic mirroring works as intended in the installation instructions
  • WEEKLY_REPORT Sends out weekly report on the day specified in the WEEKLY_REPORTS_DAY parameter in the config. The weekly report contains the cumulative result of the tests that it performed since the last day of weekly report.

# Enabling Notifications

The notification dialog contains 3 fields:

  1. Description: Explains when the notification is sent.
  2. E-Mails: List of recipient mails.
  3. Webhook URL: A single url that acts as a webhook, receives the same notification message as email.


It is not mandatory to provide both an email list and a webhook url.